About Us


Welcome to Asia's Closet LLC! We are an online kid’s boutique focused on helping kids dress up in a cool way and gain access to some of the nicest products on the market. Our commitment is to help kids find the best items to enjoy and have fun with within their home.

Asia's Closet LLC is created by our family and it’s a tribute to little Asia, our daughter. She is extremely passionate about the idea of trying out new things, innovating and bringing in some great ways to connect with other people. She is a young dancer, a gymnast as well as a future star. She loves talking with people and connecting with them, and she always strives to be as friendly as possible with everyone. That is a clear indication of who she is and how much she wants to help others.

Asia's personality and focus on using cool products has inspired us to create this website. We believe that every child should be able to showcase his/her personality in a fun way. That is why we are selling products designed to bring that personality to life and just push things to the next level in a remarkably interesting and fun way. Of course, there are challenges that can arise, what really matters is how to handle that and what approach works for you. 

Since Asia loves dressing up in various costumes and outfits, we know a lot of kids enjoy this too. That is why we are offering a creative way for kids to express themselves with some really cool and fun products. We know lots of kids enjoy the same things as our little girl, and we want to empower them with the features and tools they enjoy the most. It’s all about creativity and having fun, pushing those boundaries, and coming up with something new and different.

If you have any questions or inquiries don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. We are very friendly and want to help you with all the items you need. Browse our website and drop us a line if you want more details, ideas, and other cool stuff!